Our Support

在你的四年中,学术支持和建议是有意的和全面的. W&J学院致力于每一个被录取的学生的学业成功,从开始到结束. 从设计你的日程安排, 掌握一门特定的学科, 从W毕业后开始你的人生之旅&学院,澳门葡京博彩软件支持你.

Career Support

职业道路中心通过职业咨询帮助你的职业发展, workshops, and more. As an undergraduate, 您将获得教师支持,确保实习和实践机会,为您的职业生涯做准备.


You'll find a variety of academic support services designed to promote the academic success of every admitted student.

如果你是有残疾记录的学生, the Director for Academic Success will work with you on a case-by-case basis to identify and facilitate any accommodations required to create an accessible learning environment.

如果你是国际学生, 国际学生活动办公室将提供学术, cultural, 为你在美国留学的独特经历提供社会支持.

For all students, 有时候你最好的学术支持来自于你的同龄人, 那些在你前面走过同样道路并取得成功的人. The Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) program provides peer-based assistance with writing and in specific subject areas.

The Writing Center is committed to supporting a student's growth as a writer and empowering them to claim and effectively utilize their individual voices. At the Writing Center, 学生作家学会批判性地思考, communicate clearly, 并成功地转移他们的写作技巧.

PrezPathways 为每个学生提供协调和个性化的指导, providing the student’s network of advisors a way to identify students who are struggling and may need additional support.

Academic Advisors

你的学术顾问会指导你完成四年的学业, helping you plan your schedule each semester for on-time graduation and find the best opportunities for the path you're on.

Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness are important to us as it impacts your ability to learn and reach your potential. 澳门葡京博彩软件的健康和咨询中心提供短期, solution-focused care for your physical and psychological health and wellness education to enhance your overall well-being and safety.

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